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High Quality

Our product are High Quality on almost all the wooden surfaces and also long lasting with longevity.

Rich of Features

We are known for giving items unparalleled administrations to our clients as far as quality and unwavering quality.

Cost Savings

Every one of the items we give are extremely financially effective. The utilization of items against its cost is exceptionally sensible.

About our company

Since 2007, SPEEDCOL is a leading brand of adhesive. We are manufacturer of high quality adhesive, binder, PVA and resin, catering to different industries.

SPEEDCOL is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company and is committed to provide complete customer satisfaction when it comes to the quality, performance, timely delivery and prices of products. All our products are made of high quality raw material and always meet relevant market standards and parameters. Because we have been developing and manufacturing superior quality products, our products have been finely tuned.

What people saying about Speedcol

  • Products are manufactured with latest tools and technologies available.

    Mitul Patel

  • Speedcol is a highly specialized range of adhesives suited for decorative laminates, wood and other industrial uses.

    Jitendra Gadhiya


Speedcol is an exceptionally concentrated scope of cements suited for beautifying covers, wood and other modern employments. It is an item created with many years of comprehension and mastery in the outfitting business.